234 Flights Gets Operated From TIA During Lockdown

Kathmandu, June 30 : During the three-month period of lockdown, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), country’s only international airport, made 234 international flights including chartered and cargo flights. National flag carrier, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), made 51 flights along with its chartered flights.

Officials said that 25,000 passengers travelled to and from the TIA during the period in such flights. A total of 11,282 passengers and 33 children landed at TIA while 13,103 passengers and 256 children have left here for different countries, the TIA Office said.

During the period, 492,000 cargos arrived in Nepal while 4.17 million kilograms cargos were sent to different countries from Nepal.  NAC’s Spokesperson Archana Khadka said that the NAC made 28 chartered flights. Among them, 23 flights were made to evacuate Nepalis from different countries with coordination of the government.


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