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  • 25 per cent raise in working journalists’ minimum wage

    Kathmandu, October 7

    The government has decided to increase the minimum wage of journalists by 25 per cent.

    As decided by per the Cabinet meeting held in Kathmandu today, journalists working for national media will get at least Rs Rs 24,300 a month, according to the Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Gokul Banskota.

    Earlier, the minimum wage was Rs 19,500.

    The new decision will come into effect from mid-October, according to the government spokesperson.

    The Minister clarifies that the decision will not apply to online media for now. However, the online portals are required to announce their status as national, provincial or local, and it will decide the minimum wage they have to pay to the journalists.

    Meanwhile, the Cabinet meeting appointed senior columnist and writer Krishna Murari Bhandari as the Executive Chairman of Gorkhapatra Corporation. Earlier, the meeting had accepted the resignation tendered by the Corporation’s Chairman Govinda Pokharel.

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