Bandipur to build glass view tower

Kathmandu,Nov 22 : A glass view tower is to be constructed in Bandipur, the ancient touristic town in Bandipur Rural Municipality in Tanahu district.

The rural municipality is building the view tower with the aim of supporting the promotion of tourism in Bandipur. The structure would be constructed at the Tundikhel ground in Bandipur at a cost of around Rs 30 million, Rural Municipality chair Purna Singh Thapa said.

The tower would be five feet tall from the ground level. Rural Municipality chair Thapa said the tower will help draw more tourists and contribute to its promotion. The tower will also be fitted with binoculars for the visitors to observe the surroundings. It is said the tower will have room for 15 people at one time.

The detailed project report of the tower is being prepared at present which will conclude in a week’s time. Thereafter the Rural Municipality plans to start the tender process for its construction.

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