Test Flights To Prepare Schedule Flight In COVID-19

Kathmandu, June 26 : At a time when the government is considering to open the domestic flights from second half of July, Buddha Air conducted a test to operate domestic flights amid COVID-19 pandemic,

Conducted by Buddha Air, Pilots and officials of Buddha Air had thoroughly attended their duties in the test flight and followed the safety protocol prepared by the airlines.

It is reported that Buddha Airlines took all preventive actions against COVID-19.During the trials, protocols like measuring temperature of the passengers at the airport entrance, sanitising the passengers and the aircraft, maintaining physical distancing in vehicles used within the airport to reach the aircraft were performed as mandatory.

During the trail flights, all the safety protocols including face mask and safety measures for the protection of the pilot and crew members strictly followed.

During the trial flight, all the officials of the airlines wore face masks, prohibited to use the airport toilet and safety measures for the protection of the pilot, crew members and airport officials were also practiced.


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