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  • Nepali town turns to the past for solutions to current water crisis

    Kathmandu,Sept 25: Experts hope that reviving an ancient water system of canals, ponds and rainwater harvesting can help Bhaktapur resolve its water shortages and better cope with floods in the crowded Kathmandu valley On a Saturday afternoon in Bhaktapur, once one of the three historical kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley, Sita Laxmi Kilambu and her neighbours are not at home enjoying their weekend brunch. Instead, they are donating their sweat to a cause that they hold dear—revitalising a near-dead...

    What Nepal can learn from Singapore

    Kathmandu,Sept 19:“We will turn Nepal into Singapore” is what Nepalis have heard politicians say during their election campaigns. This is not the case just in Nepal; politicians from most developing Asian nations echo similar slogans during their electioneering. Perhaps they speak this sentence without thinking what turned Singapore into the most developed nation in East Asia in less than three decades. There were various factors that helped the island nation jump from the third world to the first world....

    Nepalis establish bank in US

    A group of Nepalis currently living and working in the United States have established a ‘community bank’ named Everest Federal Credit Union last month and the bank is authorised to extend its service to all states of the country, Annapurna Post reports in its anchor story. The bank plans to open at least 10 branches within next five years.

    Photo feature: Changing face of water use in the Himalayas

    Kathmandu,Sept 07:Environmental and social changes are impacting the ways in which small towns throughout the Himalayas source and distribute water. A research project in India and Nepal — called Pani, Pahar: Waters of the Himalayas — tried to understand the connections between changes in land use and management that impact on the water-bearing capacity of landscape in these mountainous regions, and the availability of water. The interdependence of people and ecological processes across these incredible landscapes creates a complex and...

    Taxi is costlier than aeroplane

    Kathmandu,Sept 06:Kantipur reports in its lead story that per kilometre fare of taxi in Kathmandu Valley is more than the fare of an aeroplane. Lawmaker Bharat Kumar Shah during a meeting of the House of Representatives raised his concern over the high taxi fare, claiming people are being cheated by the cabbies. Shah also presented statistics to support his claim.

    TIA applying a new management policy during BIMSTEC

    Kathmandu, Aug 28: The Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), the only international airport in the country, has introduced a new management policy for its passengers aimed at strengthening security and easing the entrance and exit, targeting the 4th BIMSTEC summit. The BIMSTEC summit is taking place in Kathmandu on August 30 and 31. International Terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport. Photo: THT With a new system, only passengers (not other visitors) will be permitted to enter the TIA from the entrance...

    No tickets to unregistered travel companies

    Kathmandu, Aug 24: The Tourism Department has requested Nepali airline companies not to provide tickets to unregistered travel and trekking companies. The Tourism Department made the request after receiving information that unregistered travel companies have been involved e-ticketing from various airlines. The department will be investigating the claims. Legitimate travel companies made the complaint in the tourism department that unregistered companies have been providing e-ticketing services to tourists on unfair terms.

    Northern Kathmandu to receive more drinking water

    Kathmandu,Aug 19:A three-column story in The Kathmandu Post reports that some areas in northern part of Kathmandu district will receive more drinking water from Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepali Limited from now onwards. Consumers in Kapan, Saraswatinagar, Bouddha, Jorpati, Chabahil, Handigaun, Gyaneshwor, Naxal, Baneshwor, Anamnagar, Putalisadak, Dillibazaar, Bagbazaar, Maitighar, Triputeshwor and New Road will be supplied with drinking water five times a week, two hours at a stretch. Earlier, tap water was received only once a week.

    China NGO Network to provide assistance to Nepal’s social development

    Kathmandu, July 30 The Government of China is going to provide assistance through various projects to social development endeavours of Nepal. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Social Welfare Council and the China NGO Network for International Exchanges (CNIE) to run projects in the field of community development, livelihood, disaster management, skills-oriented training, education and health services. The MoU was signed on Sunday evening, according to the Council. The MoU was signed by Minister for Women, Children...

    Dus Din Dilli Ke food festival in Kathmandu

    Kathmandu,June 28: Food festivals are a good way to experience the culinary culture of a particular country or a region. They serve as platforms for sharing agro-biodiversity, and are a cultural expression of traditional food and agricultural patterns. And to showcase the rich culinary heritage of Delhi, The Café at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu is hosting a food festival that offers lip-smacking food from North India. Studying in Delhi, I spent most of my time eating from local eateries around...

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