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    Roger Federer says he hopes to play for 2 or 3 more years

    PERTH: Roger Federer says he hopes to play for at least another three or four years and that his “mind-set is for the long-term” in assessing his tennis future. Federer, who has not played since re-injuring his surgically repaired left knee at Wimbledon in July, will make his tournament return in the Jan. 1-7 Hopman Cup team event at Perth, representing Switzerland with Belinda Bencic. The 35-year-old Federer said Friday he’s not sure of the form he’ll produce upon...

    New wood technology may offer hope for struggling timber

    RIDDLE: John Redfield watches with pride as his son moves a laser-guided precision saw the size of a semi-truck wheel into place over a massive panel of wood. Redfield’s fingers are scarred from a lifetime of cutting wood and now, after decades of decline in the logging business, he has new hope that his son, too, can make a career shaping the timber felled in southern Oregon’s forests.

    Fewer Americans Put Off Expenses This Year

    Americans were less likely to put off expenses in 2016 than they were in previous years, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds. Many people still made decisions this year with an eye on their budgets. Forty-one percent say they held off on buying new clothes or other personal items this year to save money, while 36 percent delayed going on vacation or taking time off. Twenty-six percent temporarily tabled home repairs or maintenance, while 19 percent put off fixing their...

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