Chhath festival begins from today

Kathmandu,Oct 31 : The rituals associated with the Chhath festival have begun from today.
Chhath is a festival mainly dedicated to the Sun God. It is a cultural and religious festival that indicates to the human civilization and an occasion for expressing gratitude to nature. The sun is especially worshiped amidst various rituals and by making different kinds of offerings.

The main rituals of the festival, observed in succession in a period of four days, include the arba-arbain, kharana, offering argha to the setting sun and offering argha to the rising sun.

Today, devotees are observing the arba-arbain ritual. This ritual is also called nahaya-khaya. The devotees start observing fast from this day abstaining from eating meat and fish, onion, garlic, millet and yellow lentils. They take holy dips in ponds and rivers on this day in the early morning and start the fast.

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