Cloudy All Over Nepal, Scatter Rain And Snow In Mountains

Kathmandu,Jan 02 : A Western Disturbance is over the Jammu and Kashmir region, therefore, due to these weather systems, rain and snow will be seen over all the hilly districts of western region.

As the westerly wind heading towards east starting from today, rains and snowfall will not only increase in intensity and spread all the hill regions of Nepal on Thursday, Friday Saturday.

Weather Systems

According to Skymet weather, a fresh Western Disturbance is over North Pakistan and adjoining Jammu and Kashmir. Its induced Cyclonic Circulation is over Haryana and adjoining Northeast Rajasthan. Another Circulation is seen over North Gujarat and adjoining areas. A Trough is extending between these two systems. A Circulation is over North Odisha and adjoining areas. A Trough is extending from this system to Haryana across Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh,

There will be generally cloudy throughout the country. Light to moderate rain is likely to occur at some places of the central and western regions and at one or two places of the eastern region. There are chances of light to moderate snowfall at many places of the high mountainous region.

According to Skymet Weather, beginning today, cloudy weather all over Nepal and can expect rain as well as snow over. The possibility of a couple of heavy episodes also cannot be ruled out.

Because of these weather systems, even in the plains of western region may get rain today.

This system is expected to continue for a long time with just a short break in between. This system will give rain and snow until January 4.

These rain and snow activities will take a break for a day on January 5, however, another Western Disturbance will approach the Himalayan region around January 6, which will continue to impact the hills until January 8.

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