Czech climber missing on Manaslu, helicopter rescue put on hold due to bad weather

Gorkha, October 1

A Czech climber has gone missing on Mt Manaslu since Sunday.

Expedition guides lost contact with Roman Hlavko (43) while descending from the summit. He was last seen at Camp IV by one his team members.

According to Tej Bahadur Thapa Managing Director at Mount Treks Nepal Pvt. Ltd, a rescue team was deployed as soon as the climber was reported missing. The team, however, failed to make it to above Camp II as the route was hit by bad weather.

He added that the rescue teams are returning to base. “I will have more details on why they are coming back by this evening,” added Thapa who says that the helicopter rescue attempt has been put on hold due to bad weather.

“His team members said Hlavko was quite slow while descending and only realised he was missing when they reached Camp III,” adds Thapa.

Hlavko was part of a 12-member team that summited Manaslu. Only three of the 12 reached the summit.

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