Czech Republic fines six ‘universities’ for deceiving Nepali students among others

Kathmandu, January 9

The official international broadcaster of Czech Republic has reported that the Czech government has fined six ‘foreign universities’ for operating in the country without obtaining required approval.

The report claims the institutions were in operation targeting southeast Asian students, mainly those from India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Two of the six institutions have been charged with additional criminal complaints for defrauding the foreign students, according to the Radio Prague report.

More than 80 students from the three countries had filed individual or joint complaints against these institutions.

These two institutions had already collected tuition fees from the students of India, Bangladesh and Nepal before they were granted the visa. Later, they denied refunding tuition fees to the students, according to the country’s Deputy Minister for Education Pavel Doleček.

He suggests foreign students check the list of accredited foreign educational institutions in the country on the Ministry’s website.

The Ministry has denied publishing names of the institutions as the investigation is still underway.

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