Dahal challenges disqualified combatants to take conflict-era issues

Kathmandu, July 29

A few days after a group of disqualified Maoist combatants warned that they would take their concerns to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who led the decade-long armed conflict from the Maoist side, issued a challenge to implement their warning.

A chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party also says he will be further glorified across the world if the issue was taken to the world. However, he says it is just a warning and no one will ever do it.

According to him, the warning is just a part of the conspiracy to make the new federal democratic system a failure.

“If they take me to The Hague, I will come out at a hero of the world,” he said while addressing cadres at a function in Kathmandu today, “But, I don’t think they will do so and let me become the hero. They don’t want it.”


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