Dahal ‘frustrated’ over delay in calling key meetings

Kathmandu, November 28

One of the two chairpersons of ruling Nepal Communist Party, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, has expressed his frustration over the party leadership’s failure to hold regular meetings of various key committees on time.

When 22 leaders of the party, who have been demanding timely meetings to settle various pending issues related to the unification of former UML and Maoist Centre, requested Dahal to take the initiative to meet the demand, the former prime minister said things were not going on as he had expected.

During the meeting held on Tuesday, Dahal looked apparently dissatisfied, according to an attendee of the meeting.

“Your demands and complaints are genuine. The next meeting will discuss these issues,” Dahal told the leaders, “But, the meeting has not been held, maybe because the prime minister busy.”

Earlier, the meeting of the party Secretariat called for Monday was postponed for Tuesday. It could not take place yesterday as well.

Sources say the meeting has been rescheduled for 4 pm today. But, it is not certain yet.


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