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  • Deuba: Govt is intentionally not taking Dr Govinda KC’s life seriously


    Kathmandu, July 16

    The main opposition leader in Parliament and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has accused the government of intentionally not taking the life of Dr Govinda KC seriously.

    The Nepali Congress President has issued a statement on Monday, saying the government has put Dr KC’s life at stake.

    Medical education reform activist Dr KC has been staging a fast-unto-death at the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences in Jumla for last 17 days demanding that the government formulate a new medical education law as per recommendations of a Kedar Bhakta Mathema-led panel.

    Deuba says the path the government has followed does not have conscience and it may lead the country towards an accident if not corrected on time.

    “It is not only that the government will be responsible for any untoward incident,” the statement reads, “I want to warn that it will be a serious threat to the medical education reform campaign.”

    He demanded that the government take immediate initiatives to resolve the issue through talks and save the life of veteran orthopaedic surgeon.

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