DoT Clarifies Rumors on Climbing Ban

Kathmandu,July 11 : Responding to media reports claiming a climbing ban for all Nepali mountains, the Department of Tourism (DoT) termed the reports as baseless rumors.

The DoT said that it was seriously concerned on the dissemination of false news, which talked about prohibiting mountaineering on the 414 mountains including Mount Everest.

Issuing a press release on July 10, 2019, DoT explained that discussions on the said issue have not even been informally discussed at the department.

The Department has asked stakeholders to not give into such false news and believe such rumors.

Furthermore, he assured that the Department will be collaborating with the stakeholders to make mountaineering well-managed and safe.

The Department also said that a committee has been formed to study issues related with mountaineering in Nepal and suggest ways of dealing with these problems with the ultimate goal of establishing systemized and safe mountaineering tourism.

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