Everest to see some unprecedented action this autumn season

Kathmandu, September 5

Unlike previous years, there is going to be a lot of action on the mountaineering front in Nepal this autumn season. The Department of Tourism stated on Thursday that it had issued 238 permits for the autumn season, a number that is likely to rise.

Of the 238, 194 permits have been issued for Mount Manaslu, which is quite popular during the autumn. However this year, there are also going to be some rare attempts on Everest, where no human has set foot in the past two autumn climbing seasons. As of September 5,  the department said it has issued nine permits for mountaineers to climb Everest.

One of the prime reasons mountaineers believe that Everest might be getting popular during the autumn is because it’s less crowded. As most mountaineers climb Everest during the spring season, the mountain is relatively deserted during the autumn. Plus the fact that it costs only $5,500 in autumn as compared to $11,000 to climb Mount Everest in spring also is a factor.

Here is a list of mountaineers to follow on Everest:

The legendary Spaniard Kilian Jornet is in Nepal and will be attempting to speed climb Everest, informed veteran mountaineering guide Garrett Madison who is getting Jornet’s permits. Jornet, who holds multiple speed records on various mountains across the world, will be using Gorak Shep as his base camp. There are reports that the Jornet will try to climb Everest via a new route if possible.

Madison also informed that the CEO of Mountain Hardware, a popular mountain wear brand will be climbing Everest this autumn. Joe Vernachio who joined Mountain Hardware a few years ago will also be testing a new series of high-altitude gear on Everest this year.

While Jornet aims to run towards Everest, Polish adventurer Andrzej Bargiel will attempt to ski down from the summit of Everest along with two others. Bargiel, who skied down K2 in 2018, will try to come down to Everest base camp without using supplemental oxygen. His expedition organiser Seven Summit Treks informed that he will not be removing his skis at any point. If he is successful, this will a first.

Other records to look forward to in autumn:

Nims three mountains away from record

Nirmal Purja Magar and his team have three more mountains to climb to finish all 14 8000-ers in under seven months. According to Magar, they might be trying a new route on Mount Cho Oyu which isn’t climbed as much from the Nepal side. Magar will then take on Manaslu after which he will travel to Tibet to take on Shishapangama. However, there is a catch, the Chinese are thinking of not awarding any permits to climb Shishapangama this year.

Smashing age barriers on Dhaulagiri

According to Mingma Sherpa of Seven Summits Treks, Carlos Soria Fontan is back in Nepal attempting to climb Mount Dhaulagiri for the 10th time. At the age of 80, he is attempting to complete all 14 8000-ers. Fontan only has Dhaulagiri and Shishapangma left on his list. Fontan is the only person to climb to have summited ten 8000-ers after turning 60.

Lhotse getting Popular

A nine-member Polish team will attempt Lhotse via the standard route through the Khumbu Icefall this autumn. They are already trekking through the Khumbu, according to expedition organiser Himalayan Guides.

Manaslu the place to be for mountaineers

As of September 3, the Department of Tourism has issued around 194 permits for 18 teams for Mount Manaslu. However, it is likely that the number will increase as the mountain even though has its risk, has been marketed as a cheap 8000-er by many Nepali expedition agencies.

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