Govt staff to be barred from joining NGOs till two years of retirement, says Pandit

Pokhara, June 17

Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Lalbabu Pandit says he will soon introduce a new law, according to which retired government staff will also be barred from joining national and international non-government organisations as employees, founders or officials till the end of second year of their retirement.

Minister Pandit says that the provision is necessary so as to protect data and information the staff have about the government.

“High officials mount their nameplates at offices of the NGOs the very day they retire,” the Nepal Communist Party leader said speaking at a function in Pokhara on Sunday, “All information they have get transferred there and the international NGOs will use them.”

“But, we want to keep our information confidential. The government has invested in the staff and the country should get benefits of the investment.”

To solve the problem, the government was also thinking of mobilising former officials in the government’s consultancy, according to him.

“I have already established a council of former special class civil servants,” he said, “These people are livelong advisors to the nation. Currently, they have been providing consultancy to foreigners. But, I will make sure that they become consultants for the country itself.”

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