Govt to install solar plant for irrigation and drinking water

Kathmandu, May 28

The government through its budget for upcoming fiscal year has planned to install a solar power plant in every 753 local level and manage the irrigation and drinking water projects through the solar plants.

As per the plan, solar plant with 100-500 kilowatts capacity will be installed in each local level.

A challenge fund will also be established for installation of the power plants. The local governments will have to cover 50 per cent and the central level government will have to spend remaining 50 per cent through the challenge fund.

Nepal Electricity Authority will bear the electricity cost incurred from the transmission line.

“It is difficult to operate such projects due to electricity bill. The installation will help ease the operation of irrigation and drinking water projects,” informed sources.

The government has targeted producing around 200 megawatts of solar electricity with the project.

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