GYP and GLTS Sign MoU for “2nd SAARC Youth Conference 2019” Collaboration

Kathmandu,May 14 : Mr Diwakar Aryal, President, Global Youth Parliament(GYP) and Raoman Smita, Founding General Secretary, Global Law Thinkers Society(GLTS), Bangladesh,  have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the aim of organizing “2nd SAARC Youth Conference and Leadership Award 2019” in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The MoU will benefit both the organizations and those youth who are actively working to strengthen democracy, to promote youth leadership, entrepreneurship, climate action and peace in the SAARC region by jointly conducting “2nd SAARC Youth Conference 2019”.

It will pave the way for the exchange of innovative ideas, experiences and knowledges between the SAARC countries.

Under this MoU, both the organizations will develop joint concept in the future for this conference.

Speaking about the collaboration, Mr  Diwakar Aryal , President, Global Youth Parliament, said in a press release, “Since 2018, Global Youth Parliament  has had a strategic partnership with the Global Law Thinkers Society, Bangladesh to promote youth, peace, democracy, rule of law, entrepreneurship and mutual benefits. This MoU will spur the collaboration with Global Law Thinkers Society, Bangladesh to a higher plane and will enable bilateral and multilateral exchange.

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