ICC Global Development head: Letting Nepal play despite suspension proved right

Will Glenwright

Kathmandu, February 27

A high official of the International Cricket Council says letting Nepal play international matches despite the ban they face from the international cricket governing body has now proved to be a right decision thanks to the Rhinos’ encouraging performance in international matches.

As Nepal are in Zimbabwe to compete in the World Cup Qualifiers, ICC Global Development head Will Glenwright says managerial challenges faced by the national cricket board should not affect performance of the players.

In an interview with UAE’s The Nation, Glenwright says, “Nepal is on our priority and we are working to take Nepal back to the ICC.”

Recalling that he was in Nepal last year for an international tournament, the official says he is excited about people’s love for cricket.

“There is a big pool of cricketers in Nepal. We are doing our best, but we cannot take the place of the national cricket association. But, we are doing whatever we can.”


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