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  • Important contribution to religious tourism: Modi’s visit to Nepal

    Kathmandu, May 11:  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit to nepal has been believed to have not only political and economic significant  but also  help  to promote religious tourism by visiting Janakpur, Pashupatinath and Muktiathath.  Modi has come to Nepal for invitation of  Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.

    Pashupatinath, Muktinath, is the center of Hindu faith around the world, as a land of worship of Mahadev .Keeping the main priorities of the faith of the Hindu, the Indian Prime Minister has conferred this visit to Nepal due to the importance of religious tourism sector.

    Because the government has kept the tourism sector as the basis of economic prosperity, such visits can not only provide significant contribution but also to positive publicity as well.Religious tourism can also become an important base in the context of the government’s goal to bring 15 lakh tourists by 2020.

    According to the news of the visit of Indian Prime Minister Modi, the country’s media has been centralized in Janakpur, Pashupatinath and Muktinath. The news content that they convey will also help foreign citizens who want to move Nepal to know about Nepal.

    The capital of Mithila, the ancient city of Rajishi Janak, is the birthplace of Sita and ideal woman of Lord Ram, Janakpur. Indian prime minister Modi’s visit has helped in the publication of the rich potential of natural resources and religious tourism sector.

    The old Ram temple in Janakpur, known as ‘Janaki Temple’ known as Naulakhha, was built in the place of ‘Janak Temple’, Laxman Temple, Ratnasagar Temple, Hanuman’s  Sankatmochan  Temple’ near Rangabhumi  Ground, Religious places and lake floors also Daily worshiping of  Ganga  has been  Janakpur’s  as an attractive destination for religious tourists.

    Similarly, firewood, Vihar Kund, Rakasi residence, Hanuman Durbar, Ranipapati and Pipara Koti are also found to be the center of attraction. Ganga Sagar, Dhanush Sagar, Ram Sagar, Ratna Sagar, Gyanakap, Agni Kund, Arjja, Dashratha Ser, Godadhoi, Paapmochniser, Laxman Sagar are also very suitable for religious tourists.

    Religious tourism is the oldest form of global tourism and it has a great potential in Janakpur.Modi’s visit has also helped to promote the monastery and idol of Janakpur.

    Tourism development can be believed to reach a lot of relief in the development of Janki Temple, Ram Temple, 52 Jakarta and 72 Kundras in Janakpur.

    The Ramayan Circuit Expansion Project has been further added to promote of  Janakpur Dham. The purpose of the project is to promote social, cultural and religious relations between Janakpurdham and Mithilia in Mithila under the protection of rich cultural diversity and India’s Ayodhya.

    The project has been launched according to the agreement made with the Government of Nepal for the promotion and development of religious and cultural relations between Ayodhya and Janakpur.

    The Ramayan Circuit is one of the 13 subjective circuits under the scheme of India’s  tourism from India’s Tourism Ministry. The project is located in Ayodhya, Shikarpur, Chitrakut, Sitamadhi, Darbhanga, Nandigram Mahendra Giri, Jagdalpur, Bhadracham, Rameswaram, Hampi, Nashik and Nagpur. Similarly, the goal of developing a religious area linked to the life of Lord Rama and Sita as well as Janakpur Dham in Nepal.

    According to Culturalist Ramvorus Kapadi, the project of Ramayana Circuit Project is a broad-based projection project based on Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. It is an attempt to connect with the area where Ram and Sita’s steps are touching.

    In this project, the project will be expanded as the formula of the pilgrimage of Janakpurdham and Ayodhya, to preserve the ancient Pokhari, Temple, Mithila’s heritage, and the ages-es  of ram  pilgrimage.

    Due to the reason why 70 percent of pilgrims visiting Janakpurdham, pilgrims are believed to have attracted more tourists.

    After completion of Ramayan Circuit Project, the development of agriculture, industrial, transportation and tourism sector has been taken to  the 650 km of land in Jankpurdham and Ayodhya. Because of the importance of religious view, Janakpur seems to be a perception of the devotees throughout the year.

    Because of the Ram  and Sita marriage in Tartar era, there is a great possibility of religious tourism business in Janakpur. In the year 2017, one lakh tourists from Nepal, one of them, were 61 lakh tourists. During the first three months of 2018, 34 thousand tourists have visited in Nepal.

    The government has also targeted the tourism strategy to promote tourism of Eastern Terai and Central Terai. Deepakraj Joshi, Chief Executive Officer of the Nepal Tourism Board, visits the Prime Minister of Nepal, Modi’s visit to Nepal to express the confidence of Nepal’s tourism in the world.

    He said that religious tourism will also be attracted by visiting Pashupatinath, Muktinath  and Janakpur. Chief executive officer Joshi said that even in the social network, thousands of Indian people are also associated with tourism promotion.

    Vikram Pandey Kaji, who is working in religious tourism, visits Indian Prime Minister Modi and Ramayan Circuit will have multi-dimensional impact on tourism promotion of Nepal.

    Pandey said that Nepal’s tourism entrepreneur’s should bring special packages to the tourists  upgrading the service facility to visit Pashupatinath, Pokhara and Muktinath.

    After the worshiping of Janaki Temple and addressing the people organized today in Janakpur, the Indian Prime Minister said that there was a center of Janakpur religious faith. He also emphasized the importance of art and culture of Mithila region.

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