Importing marigold garlands worth Rs 3 million for Tihar

Kathmandu, October 28

Traders have planned to import marigold flowers and garlands worth Rs 3 million for upcoming Tihar festival.

Kathmandu needs around 1 million garlands for the festival. Whereas the domestic production covers around 60 per cent of the supply, around 400,000 garlands will be imported from India, according to the traders.

Annually, around 90 per cent share of the market is covered by the domestic production. However, the ratio changes as the demand swells during the festival.

Nepal, however, has become independent in globe amaranth and chrysanthemum flowers and garlands for the festive season and no import will be made, according to the traders.

Besides major cities such as Kathmandu and Pokhara, most parts of the country, however, produce flowers to meet Tihar demands on their own.

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