Job-holders will have to deposit portion of salary in account of parents

Kathmandu, Jan 11

The government is bringing legislation requiring job-holders to deposit a certain proportion of their salary in the joint account of their parents every month.

Amending the act about elderly citizens, the government has proposed that those having government jobs, or working in a private or organized sector and international organizations mandatorily deposit a certain proportion of their income in the joint account of their parents every month.

The Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens had proposed that those who receive regular remuneration must deposit 10 percent of their income to the joint account of parents every month. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has removed the fixed rate of 10 percent and proposed a flexible rate that the government can change with time.

The proposed amended act will require the job-holders to deposit the amount in the joint account of the parents even if they do not live together with the parents. The amendment also proposes that even the pensioners should deposit a certain proportion of their monthly pension.

The amount should be deposited in the joint account of the parents if father and mother live together, and whoever the job-holder is responsible for if they have separated.

The children will not be required to deposit the cut of the monthly salary if the parents receive regular salary or pension, or are self-employed or doing any business/enterprise, or have other means of regular income.

The children, however, will have to deposit the balance amount if the regular income of the parents is less than the minimum amount fixed by the government.

The children having regular monthly income will have to inform the local body concerned about whether they need to deposit the portion of their salary/pension to the joint account of the parents within 15 days of the law coming into effect.

The act will have a provision allowing the parents to complain with the local body concerned if the cut of their children’s salary is not being regularly deposited. The head of the office where the children work can deduct the fixed proportion from the monthly salary and deposit to the account of the parents on recommendation of the local body in such cases.

The parents can spend the money from the joint account as they wish and the children can use the money from the account after the death of parents.

The amended act has been registered in the National assembly, and it will have to be passed by both the Houses of the parliament to come into effect.

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