Kami Rita Sherpa and his team left base camp to Camp-1 for their first rotation

Kathmandu,April 28 : According to Expedition Leader Tashi Sherpa , this morning Legend mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa and his team left Base camp to Camp 1 via khumbu icefall along with 13 Indian climbers and 14 Sherpa guides .

The team moved after the Puja at 4am from 5364m for the first rotation to acclimatization before attempting their summit . “After the acclimatization, all of Sherpa guides deposited oxygen , tents, cooking gas, and required equipment to camp-4 7900m (South Col)” Tashi added.

This time Kami Rita Sherpa is leading Indian government Everest expedition team which is organized by Seven Summit Treks . He will be attempting to summit Mt. Everest which will his 23rd ascents.

A renowned film maker Binod Adhikari and Tashi Sherpa have planned and agreed to produce documentary movie on Kami’s climbing and his adventurous life’s journey. The movie team is already at Base camp, following Kami Rita’s trail. According to film maker Adhikari,the name of movie will be “ STEP 23 ” as Kami will be stepping his foot to the summit of Everest for 23rd times.


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