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  • Kathmandu city will also felicitate Modi

    Kathmandu, May 6 : The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is to offer civic felicitation to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 12.
    The Indian PM is arriving Nepal on a State Visit on May 11. KMC is making preparations to offer a civic reception to the Indian dignitary at 2.45 pm on May 12, KMC joint-spokesman Nawaraj Dhakal said, speaking to RSS.
    According to Dhakal, KMC mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya will present an artistic key to the metropolis to Indain Prime Minister before the civic felicitation.
    Handing over the key to the metropolis to a visiting dignitary is to give the message that the metropolis is open to the VIP guest.(RSS)

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