Let’s work together to fight against COVID-19 : Former Ambassador Lucky Sherpa

Kathmandu,Apr 16 : Social activist of Nepal,a former Nepali ambassador for Australia and New Zealand Lucky Sherpa Says the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening lives and livelihoods across the world.

In a short video message, she said this extraordinary times expect for the world citizens that we count a leader to bring out that escapementship and had the courage and imagination to think and work together to fight this pandemic in equally extraordinary ways .

Political leaders are expected to demonstrate leadership in this crucial time. leaders simply lead, they work from within themselves with the courage, emotion, intelligence and integrated to navigate the crisis of around them.

They are prepared, don’t panic, care and communicate in service of others. They see the opportunities in crisis to transform themselves in the world around them. She also requested to the leaders not to miss an opportunity to lead, to rise above the chaos and crisis and be the global leader to manage the crisis.


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