Local Pollution Deteriorates Kathmandu’s Air Quality

Kathmandu,Nov 06 : As the level of air pollution has started to decline in New Delhi, it is still one of the worst in the world. Experts in Nepal said that a low level of pollutants from New Delhi has also entered in western Terai and western hills of Nepal.

Experts said that New Delhi’s air pollution has nothing to do with the current level of deteriorating air pollution in Kathmandu Valley in other parts of Nepal. Air Pollution of Kathmandu valley is locally originated from dust and vehicles and industry like brick kiln.

According to meteorologist, Barun Poudel, there are few dust particle has entered in western Nepal from New Delhi. He said that pollution in Kathmandu Valley and other cities of Nepal is a result of local pollution.

Air pollution affects nose to your chest and it disturbs to breathe normally.

The level of PM2.5 – tiny particulates that can enter deep into the lungs – was at one point seven times higher than in the Chinese capital Beijing, which has battled similar pollution problems in recent years.

Scientist recommends avoiding strenuous activities and hard labor if possible, and exercising indoors. When outdoors, avoiding main roads and congested areas can help, as smaller roads and by lanes tend to be less polluted.

Wearing a mask can help filter out pollutants, but simple surgical masks or comfort masks will not? A smog mask with a respirator is recommended.

Do not burn rubbish or other discarded items outdoors, and try to avoid or share car trips to reduce the number of cars on the road.


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