Maximum 16 Ministries in Centre

Kathmandu, March, 28: The Ministry of General Administration has prepared preliminary draft report with the provision to have maximum 16 Ministries in the Centre.

The study sub-committee in this connection has suggested 12 to 16 Ministries in the Centre, said member Nanda Raj Gyawali.

He shared that they were planning to suggest maximum 16 Ministries in the Centre. According to him the names for these Ministries will be decided after finalizing the number.

It may be noted that the government has formed a study committee under the secretary of the General Administration Ministry, Mohan Krishna Sapkota to suggest the numbers of Ministries in the Centre and the Provinces. The committee has also formed subcommittee to support the committee.

The number of the Ministries will be suggested for Provincial level after finalizing it in Centre, Gyawali added. RSS

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