Mountaineer Mr.Song arrives in Kathmandu to prepare the Everest expedition for this spring

Kathmandu,April 04:In China, Mr. Song Yujiang has been a well-know name for the last decade years. Most people have learned about him through various mountaineering news and endorsements of related brands. He is the first anaerobic summitter in China, GORE-TEX outdoor pioneer camp Gore hero,spokesperson of  8848 Titanium Phone (P.S.: This is a high-definition product combining technology and luxury) . In the Chinese climbing circle, he is the most influential representative. He is also Dingfeng Adventure team leader, 20 years experienced senior high-altitude climber, full-featured mountain guide and leader. He has summitted the world’s highest Mt. Everest, the 4th highest peak in the world Lhotse, the 8th highest peak in the world Manaslu (anaerobic summitted), the technical representative of the Mt. Alps Matterhorn, Mt. Muztagata and some other 6000 meters + technical peaks in China. He and his team have been selected by many Chinese outdoor media for the most influential individuals and outdoor clubs.

There is very deep fate between Nepal and Song Yujiang . After the earthquake which happened in 2015 in Nepal , all his 12 team members summitted Manaslu successfully when the most teams thought that the climbing season had passed and the evacuation was generally announced.In the next spring,they suffered a sudden gale when they climbed to the 8km assault camp in Mt.Everest,he temporarily decided to take one day off then proceeded,finally they all summitted in the next day.In the same autumn, Song Yujiang’s Manaslu team created a new record:he led 26 Chinese climbers and 30 Sherpas (total 56 people) collectively summitted the 8km mountain range.

The co-partnership between SongYujiang’s team and Seven Summit’s in the Himalayas is changing the world’s perception of the Chinese in the mountaineering industry and constantly refreshing the world’s record of business climbing.

At present, Song Yujiang and his team have already arrived in Kathmandu to prepare the Everest exploration for this spring. Apart from the routine Everest Mountaineering team, there are two Chinese documentary and movie teams will be join in. At the same time,they are providing logistical and technical support for scientific examination team of the China Academy of Sciences (CAS).

It will be very lively in Everest base camp in this season.All the best for all climbers in advance!

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