Mr.Sun summits Mt. Everest twice

Kathmandu,June 01:Mount Everest, a mountain peak that is closest to the sky, is sacred but dangerous, pure and mysterious. Summitting Everest has become a dream for almost all climbers.This hardest road on the planet leads to not only the sky, but fearless and  final destination of soul.

Ten years ago, when mountain climbing accidentally crashed into the life of artist Sun Yiquan of Shenyang, China, a real and upward sensibility was integrated into his life, which opened up a new journey in his life. In 2013, it was the 60th anniversary of humans summit of Mount Everest. It was also in this year that Sun Yiquan completed a milestone in his mountaineering life. He successfully summitted Mount Everest 8848 meters above sea level and became the world’s first artist who summitted Everest and the youngest Chinese who summitted Mount Everest from the S Col SE Ridge, the agency in Nepal named 14 Peak Expedition organized his expedition.

Five years later in collaboration with same climbing agency 14 Peak expedition, Sun Yiquan climbed to the top of the world. At 5:00 a.m. local time on May 20, 2018, Nepal, along with Sherpas Lakpa Tshering and Halung Dorchi Sun Yiquan summitted Mount Everest once again by this Sun made twice successful summit of the Everest and according to the data very few Chinese has done so, and not more than 100 climbers has summited Mt. Everest via Nepal side.

No one can conquer a mountainyou can only conquer yourself. Standing on snow mountains,you can see nothing but purity. Close your eyes and you can feel the natural pulse, beautiful and true. This is a gift from the Sacred Mountains. With the hands of the determined artist, Sun Yiquan brings Everest to everyone, which is hard to touch, difficult to see and rare to experience.

For Sun Yiquan, climbing is a kind of faith. His artworks are his experience. Life is not enjoyment but creation and experience. Art is not only an expression but also a transmission and guidance.

Sun Yiquan’s new solo exhibition “Warmth of Belief” will soon begin in Kerry City ShenyangChina 2018. There is always a way ahead!

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