NAC aircraft procurement: NC lawmaker demands PM’s resignation

Kathmandu, January 2

Nepali Congress lawmaker Amresh Kumar Singh has demanded that the Prime Minister resign taking responsibility for the alleged embezzlement of billions of rupees in the NAC aircraft procurement deal.

Speaking during the ‘special time’ of the House of Representative, Singh criticised the government for its role in the purchase. “They talked a lot about good governance but where is their good governance now?” questioned Singh.

He also blamed the government for not following the Public Procurement Act and regulations while purchasing the two wide-body aircraft. He urged the government to form a joint parliamentary committee to investigate into the case.

“After the investigation, the government, on moral grounds, should quit,” added Singh.

Singh told Parliament that he has proof of corruption in the purchase of the aircraft. He also added that he will be sharing the proof with the members of the House of Representatives soon.

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