NEA Reduces Electricity Loss To 15.45 Percent In Five Months

Kathmandu,Feb 06:After his appointment of Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the first announcement Kul Man Ghising made was to reduce the high electricity loss. Two years ago, the electricity loss was 25.78 percent, With various steps taken by MD Ghising, the loss has come down to 15.45 percent now.

Last year, it was 18. 5 percent. As NEA MD Ghising took several steps including campaign against electricity theft, strict direction for collection of due among, installation of transformers to reduce the technical loss and strengthening of substations, the electricity loss down to 15.45 percent.

According to NEA, the electricity loss in 2017/018 was 25.78 percent. Although NEA has made a plan to reduce it by 18.5 percent, NEA is able to reduce the loss drastically in five months.

“When I took charge of MD, the electricity loss was extremely high average 25.78 percent. We are able to bring it down to 15.45 percent thank to the hard work of employees of Distribution, Customer and Service Directorate. I would like to thank them for working day and night, “said MD Ghising. ” Some people even physically manhandled our employees as well.”

If NEA reduce the loss of 10 percent, it generate Rs.7 billion annually. Minister of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation and chairman of NEA Barsha Man Pun directed NEA to reduce the loss, administrative and financial irregularities in NEA and improve the service to customer.

MD Ghising said that NEA has been working now following the direction of Minister Pun. ” The campaign will be successful only with the support from Ministry of Home Affairs, administrative and police,” said Ghising.

Kathmandu, which contributes highest revenue, reduces the loss from 7.94 to 7.79. There is drastic reduction of loss in Bhaktapur from 40 percent to 13.72 percent. In Lagankhel distribution center, the loss reduces from 15 to 6.41 percent.

Second highest revenue generator, Hetauda reduces loss from 13.91 to 6.66. In Birgunj, Simara and Hetauda regional office, the loss reduce from 10.72 percent to 2.50.

From almost 70 percent loss, Kaliaya reduces to 39.95 now. Similarly, Biratnagar Regional office from 14.51 to 11.61,Butwal 13.28 to 11.41 and Pokhara 11.41 to 8.61.

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