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  • Nepal Communist Party accused of ignoring inclusion

    Kathmandu,May 23:Annapurna PostNagarikNaya PatrikaRepublica and The Himalayan Times have analysed the composition of newly unified Nepal Communist Party’s Central Committee to conclude that it is not inclusive so as to represent different social and cultural groups of the country.

    Women cover just around 17 per cent share of the 441-member Committee though the statute of the party itself has made it mandatory to have at least 33 per cent women in the Committee, according to newspaper reports. Likewise, participation of Janajatis, Dalits, Madheshis, Tharus and Muslims is also not proportional to their population size in the country, according to Annapurna Post.

    The number of women leaders in the country is not sufficient to get the legal recognition by the Election Commission, therefore a serious question has been raised over the issue, the report adds.

    Republica and The Himalayan Times quote women leaders in the party who view that the level of participation and inclusiveness in their party was discouraging.

    On the other hand, there are 10 couples who have been included in the Committee, according to Nagarik.

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