Nepal Communist Party and Chinese Communist Party Agree To Continue Ideological Training

Kathmandu,Sept 25 : Two days workshop organized to train leaders of Nepal Communist Party on Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jenping concluded with a note to intensify such activities in future.

Participated by 200 leaders from ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and 40 leaders from Chinese Communist Party, Nepalese participants expressed that the workshop helped to understand Chinese political system and economic development.

Chinese trainers presented four papers during the training related to the efforts taken in China to alleviate poverty, economic liberalization and progress made during the year.

NCP leader Hit Raj Pande said that Xi Jinping Thought helped to reduce the poverty in China. He said that China is reducing 10 million people from out of poverty since Xi came to power.

During the training, the trainers also taught development model, discipline within the communist party and President Xi’s thought for BRI. “After two days workshop, I am able to understand how China has achieved economic miracle. The training also helped the need to learn the modality of making communist party operational.

In presence of Prime Minister K.P. Shrma Oli and Co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal and head of International Department Madhav Kumar Nepal and head of Chinese Communist Party International Department Song Tao signed and Memorandum of Understanding to establish close relationship between the two parties.

The MoU covers six areas. Those include exchange of high-level visit, exchange of communist ideology and experiences and giving continuity to current ongoing ideological training and expanding it to grass root level.

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