Nepal, Japan conclude worker recruitment negotiation; agreement within March

Kathmandu, March 13

After spending months in rounds of meetings at different levels, officials of Nepal and Japan have finally agreed on terms and conditions of a memorandum of cooperation regarding the recruitment of Nepali migrant workers in Japan.

Officials say the two countries will sign the agreement within March and the implementation will begin the next month.

An official of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security informs that the Ministry is forwarding the draft of the agreement to the Cabinet seeking endorsement.

“Both the governments are likely to endorse the draft within one week. Then we will decide a date for the signing,” he says.

It has been learned that the two countries have finalised details about the recruitment procedures, costs, services and facilities of the workers and their security.

After the agreement, Nepali workers can go to and work in Japan through the government channel. Recruitment agencies will not have any role in the process.

Nepal has been sending workers to South Korea in the similar model and it has received appreciation from the workers.

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