Nepal Records 75 Expedition Teams to 20 Summits

Kathmandu,April 16 : Nepal has been home to the mountains for ages immemorial and these mountains are home to the hundreds of trekkers and climbers who find peace in reaching their summits.

This spring, the Nepal Tourism Department has granted climbing permits to a total of 75 expedition teams.

According to Director General Danduraj Ghimire, the Department has earned over NPR 450 million royalty from these permits so far.

The teams consisting of 667 members have taken permits for 20 mountain peaks. Out of these, 31 teams (the highest) with 339 members will be scaling Mount Everest- the world’s highest peak.

The Department has said that climbers have started reaching climbing destinations and the number is expected to go up this time as they are likely to keep arriving until May first week.

During the same period last year, the Tourism Department collected royalty of NPR 412.88 million for climbing permits issued to 107 expedition teams. The maximum amount NPR 350 million was collected from 31 teams for climbs to the Everest.

2018 Mount Everest Season

File Photo: 2018 Mount Everest Season

In another update on Mount Everest, the project to measure the height of Mount Everest will take off soon. The Nepal Government announced that it will be sending a team of appointed climbers to remeasure the height of the tallest mountain.

The country aims to address speculations stating that the height of the mountain has reduced after the earthquake struck the rocky terrain of Nepal in 2015. Courtesy : Nepalisansar

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