Nepal’s First Satellite NepaliSat-1 In Space

Kathmandu,April 18 : NASA launched NepaliSat-1, Nepal’s own satellite, from Virginia, USA, at 2 AM. The satellite was launched by Orbital ATK, an American aerospace manufacturer and defence industry company.

With Nepali flag and the logo of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology printed on it, NepaliSat-1 is kept at the International Space Station for a month and then it will be sent to orbit the earth.

According to Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, NepaliSat-1 is now in the lower orbit — some 400 kilometres away from the earth. It will be in the Nepali orbit only for around five minutes.

Under the BIRDS project of the Japanese Kyushu Institute of Technology, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology initiated the launch of the country’s own satellite. The BIRDS project has been designed in association with the United Nations aiming to help countries launch their first satellite.

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