NEPSE suffers double-digit fall

Kathmandu, April 18: Domestic share market which was on a continuous bearish run was struck by a double-digit fall today.

According to Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE), country’s sole agency authorised for selling and purchasing shares, today’s stock went down by 39.57 points thus closing at 1,612 points.

The ‘sensitive index’ used in measuring the share values of big companies fell by 9.08 points. A total of 2,290,931 units of share (worth around Rs 1.51 billion) of 142 companies were sold and purchased, the midweek NEPSE index showed.

However, the share price of production group soared by 8.96 points.

Insurance companies lost the most in today’s share market as they suffered a downfall by 184.47 points while finance companies were in the least loosing group seeing a loss of 1.95 points.

Likewise, the banking group suffered a fall of 44.07 points, hotels of 46.37 points, development banks of 38.87 points, hydropower companies of 71.24 points, and other groups of 6.07 points.

It is estimated that differing views being made public regarding the upcoming local-level elections were behind the recent fall in the stock market. RSS

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