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  • New job market for Nepalis: Seychelles interested to recruit guards for jail security


    Kathmandu, August 3:   The smallest country in Africa, Seychelles, has expressed its interest to recruit Nepali guards to employ them for prison security.

    The country says it wants to recruit the works through a government-to-government agreement.

    Spokesperson at the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Deepak Dahal, informs that the country has already sent a draft of the memorandum of understanding to begin the recruitment process.

    Dahal says the Ministry will take an appropriate decision after conducting a study about the host country’s economy, labour laws, climate and facilities to be provided to the workers. He claims the government will keep the welfare of labourers at the centre while finalising the deal.

    Therefore, the Ministry wants to ensure handsome pays for the workers and their own security at first.

    Prisons in this island country are among most well-facilitated jails in the world. Officials of the Ministry believe that the African country wanted to employ Nepali guards for the security of these prisons because Nepalis have historically been known for their bravery.

    Until now, a handful of Nepalis have reached the country for employment on their own.

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