Organic Farm to construct for tourism promotion

Kathmandu, July 30: Greenland Resort and Organic Farm House is being established in Nuwakot with an investment of 3 hundred 50 million rupees. President of the hotel, Bishnu  Nepal, said that this hotel is established in Nuwakot as it is a tourism destination and holds historical importance due to which internal and Indian as well as Chinese tourists can be attracted to the establishment.

Wooden sign “Organic Farm” among rows of fresh green chemical free agricultural crops on eco farming field. Close up view 3D illustration from my own 3D rendering file.

The resort is being established in Belakotgadhi-2, Jiling. There are around 32 members in the team for organizing resort including Thakur Khatiwada, Keshab Aryal, Badri lal Shrestha, Shiva Koirala. This resort is situated 1 km away from Pasanglamu Highway. People can enjoy the view of Ganesh Mountain, Langtang Mountain, Trishuli and Tadi river from the location. The construction work of the hotel will be started from November and it will be completed within 2 years.

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