PM Oli Criticized Nepali Media

Kathmandu,June 19 : Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that undemocratic forces are hatching a conspiracy against the federal republic system. “We all have to remain alert while keeping an eye on such activities,” said PM Oli.

Critiquing former Prime Minister and NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba for obstructing the parliament, he termed the act of Nepali Congress as undemocratic.

After main opposition party Nepali Congress’ obstruction of House of Representative, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli addressed a press conference in Singha Durbar to discuss withdrawal of Guthi Bill, among other issues.

Although the government withdraw the Guthi bill after massive street protest, Prime Minister stated that he had learnt of the withdrawal through social media.

According to the Reporting in The Himalayan Times, he went on to express his displeasure over the media for what according to him is their failure in exhibiting minimum respect towards the honorable post-holders of the county. “Media persons are too direct and disrespectful in their approach. What is the media teaching our younger generation? Social Media is so ruthless, where is the society headed to with such degradation of culture?” Oli questioned.

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