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  • PM’s Rara address makes tall promises

    Kathmandu,April 15:Newspaper reports inform that the Prime Minister’s New Year message is full of tall promises as he claimed the country would get a facelift in next five years. Gorkhapatra quotes the Prime Minister to say that the country now has an unprecedented opportunity for development and prosperity.

    Oli had spelled out his government’s plan for next five year, according to The Himalayan Times.

    The main opposition, Nepali Congress, however, comments that the PM’s address is full of emotional statements, but it lacks concrete plan of action, reports Annapurna Post.

    Karobar quotes representatives of the private sector to argue that the government should prioritise implementation of developments over making announcements of ambitious plans and programmes.

    Meanwhile, a 65-year-old man died while attending the function in which the Prime Minister was addressing, according to Republica daily.

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