Possibility of rain, snowfall in most of the places

Kathmandu, Feb 24 : Yet again, rain in most of the places across the country and the snowfall in some places have been predicted today due to influence of the westerly wind, according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division.
Most of the places of the country would remain partial to fully cloudy and there is the possibility of light shower and snowfall at mid and eastern hilly areas, said meteorologist Shanti Kandel. 
Kandel said that most of the parts of the country would remain partial to fully cloudy today and tomorrow, while rainfall is possible from Tuesday night to Wednesday because the westerly wind is increasing gradually. 
Similarly, light rainfall with thunder at some places of mid and eastern hilly areas is predicted from this afternoon up to three days, according to the Division. 
As per the recent details, the maximum temperature of the Kathmandu Valley is 25.5 degree Celsius and minimum temperature 6.8 degree Celsius. 


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