Prime Minister warns of firing underperforming ministers

KP Sharma Oli


Kathmandu, August 8:   Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has warned that he will remove underperforming ministers from his Cabinet.

Addressing a meeting of his party’s Secretariat at his official residence in Baluwatar today, Oli said ministers could be removed from the Cabinet if they could not show good jobs.

“We did not discuss much about the government,” a leader of the Nepal Communist Party who attended the meeting said, “But he has said that those failing to perform good can be given farewell.”

Oli commented that his governed needed to work harder so as not to give any chance to the main opposition party Nepali Congress to complain against the government.

Whereas some leaders of the party demanded that the government’s performance be seriously reviewed, Oli said all leaders of the party should be united to make the government more effective.

Meanwhile, the Secretariat meeting will continue discussing the newly unified party’s organisational issues tomorrow, according to the leaders.

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