Risal and Pudasaini awarded ‘Madupark’ Samman

Kathmandu , June 13 : On the occasion of 51st Anniversary of the ‘Madhupark’ literary magazine, the monthly publication of the Gorkhapatra Sansthan, Prof Shiba Gopal Risal and Kanchan Pudasaini were awarded the ‘Madhupark’ Samman (honour).

Noted historian and culture expert Satya Mohan Joshi honoured the two amidst a ceremony here today. The award carried a purse of Rs 25,000 each. Prof Risal received the honour under the verse and Pudasaini towards prose genre.

The magazine has been being published since 12th June, 1968. The annual award is presented two people having special contributions to the Nepali literature. It has been being presented since the past 17 years.

On the occasion, three-time Madan prize winner Joshi said efforts are going on from the private sector for the protection and promotion of Nepali literature and culture as the State could not pay its proper heed to that end. The condition of three academies–Nepal Academy, Nepal Academy of Music and Drama and Nepal Academy of Fine Arts–is not satisfactory, as he said.

Sansthan’s chair Govinda Pokhrel announced to increase remunerations for writers/ contributors to ‘Gorkhapatra’ and organisation other publications.

General manager Basanta Prakash Upadhyay said the award amount will be increased by Rs 10,000 and made Rs 35,000 from the next year.

According to Madhupark’s editor Shreeom Shrestha, availability of Madhupark’s reading materials in a digital version has sent a positive message among readers at home and abroad.RSS


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