Samragyee dragged into controversy

Kathmandu,July 22 : Cine artist Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah has been dragged into controversies yet again after her beach bikini photos went viral on social networking sites.

Samragyee, who reached Bali of Indonesia to spend her holiday, has posted her bikini-clad images romancing with her boyfriend Debankas Rana on the beach.  The sizzling image clad in a bikini shows that she is enjoying drinks with her boyfriend.

Some social media critiques have interpreted the intent behind posting such images is to merely grab audience attention.

A few months back she made a tattoo on her sensitive body part and became a trending topic for a few days.

Currently, Samragyee is romping with Debankas Rana, son of FNCCI President Bhawani Rana, after she broke up with Mayank Khadka, her former boyfriend.

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