Sanjay from the highest peak of the world Mt Everest To Antarctica’s Highest Peak

Sanjay Pandit(28) mountaineer, who have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kosciuszko backward walking foot making the record in Nepal has already climbed 11 mountains in the world.

In his childhood in Pyuthan, his father had made compulsion of running despite any weather condition. He used to complete the run only for the sake of completing. After he arrived at Kathmandu for his further studies, he was inspired to be an athlete after seeing the honor program organized at Dasarath Stadium, Tripureswor for the gold medalists of 10th South Asian Games.

Starting to participate in different marathons including Kathmandu International Marathon and others he later learned about running long distance from National athlete, Baikuntha Manandhar. “After I have completed the running from Kathmandu to Khasa in 14 hours in 2045 B.S. no one have completed it” Manandhar said, which inspired him to try the same leading him to complete the distance in 11 hours. He then completed other long distance running like run from Sworgadwari-Kathmandu, Kathmandu-khasa, Khasa-Kathmandu,Manaslu Trail (213km) ,Tenzing Hillary Marathon, Kaspok Int’l Marathon, Real International Marathon .Pandit already ran 2595 km being longest Runner of Nepal .

Later, aiming to reach the summit of Mt Everest he took mountaineering training for 19 days provided by Nepal Mountaineering Association. In 2012 he announced to reach the Mt Everest summit but wa
s unable to reach the summit and return from the 8685 ft. Without losing the hope, he tried reaching the summit of killer mountain, Mt Manaslu. Although, he was successful to be back safely, he lost his friends and 14 fellow mountaineers including Spanish mountaineer Martin.

He again tried to reach the summit of Mt Everest, and was successful this time but lost his guide Lopsang Sherpa. He even got frostbite which took 6 month to recover.

He decided to summit all the mountain of the world. He started to summit peak of the world from 2014 climbing Mt Kilimanjaro becoming the fastest climber from Mandara camp to top in 2014  and climbing backwards walking in 2015. He has summited highest peak of Europe and stayed half naked for 6min 30sec, climbed Mt Vinson Massif and Mt Russman of Antarctica. He has summited 11 mountains of the world  till date.

He further plans to reach the summit of Australia, Alaska and North Pole later this year.

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