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  • Sanjay Pandit shows anger towards Helipad cancellation in EBC

    Kathmandu, May 19: After Everest summit 4 years ago I planned to reach Everest Base Camp (EBC) some days ago. As per the plan I traveled to Lukla Airport with Tashi Lakpa Sherpa, Senior Vice President of TAAN, on helicopter. After reaching Lukla we had to part our way as I planned to trek to Base Camp whereas Senior Vice President Tashi Sherpa to travel from Helicopter to Basecamp.

    While enjoying the view of Everest, from Phakdim, namche to EBC I started the journey. After trekking for 7 days I started to have altitude sickness. Though I have planned to stay at Gorakhshep after reaching base camp but I could not reach there. I decided to stay at Base Camp to take a rest. After staying there for 3 days I decided to return back to Kathmandu but I heard very shocking story. There are 3 helipads in the base camp, HRA helipad, IMG helipad and Seven Summit Helipad.

    Among them Seven Summit helipad was nearest one for me. To reach the helipad I had to walk for 20 minutes. I was not in any mood to walk for 20 minutes due to high altitude sickness. I wanted to take the nearest helicopter but I was unable to take it because Government has ordered to shut the helipad down.

    This helipad lies in the highest point in the Everest Base camp among all the helipads. The complaint had been filed to the helipad for being disturbing. Thus the government had ordered to stop using that helipad. The government has made decision without thinking much on the issue.

    While government have to study about the field, government officials have been taking helicopter to reach Namche take some photos and return back on the same way without even reaching the basecamp and learn about the situation of the base camp and find the necessity of the area. If someone files a complaint the government should take action only after studying about the case properly rather than without taking a second look.

    Government officials should know that inorder to reach other helipad you have to walk for an hour. In case of emergency it is nearly impossible for the person having any kind of sickness in the Base Camp. I have not been the only person who has been suffering from the illness but other mountaineers as well. The one decision you have made without looking at it may risk the life of many mountaineers.

    You should think about the case properly and decide accordingly. You should also think about the life you are risking while making the decisions like that. If someone dies due to these type of faulty decisions who will take the responsibility of their life. Life of many mountaineers depends on the decision government make.


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