Sikta canal construction faulty: Foreign experts find

Banke, December 20

Soil scientists from England and Australia have concluded that the embankment built on the western section of the main canal of the Sikta Irrigation Project caved in because ‘weak’ soil used for its construction.

The foreign scientists were called in to evaluate the embankment of the main canal, parts of which collapsed when water was released. The experts inspected the main canal from December 11 to 13.

“The scientists went to the field and tested the soil samples from some spots of the canal. Discussions were held on the last day of the inspection and it was pointed out that the problem was with the soil,” added project chief Krishna Prasad Nepal.

He added that the scientists wanted to take a sample of the soil with them but did not take it due to government regulations. “However they have taken some old papers with them for further study and have told us to wait for a month for the report,” he shares.

The experts also suggested that the process of preventing water percolation could be adopted by filling it up soil with higher acidity on top of the dissolvable soil and constructing counter-berm drainage on the top and bottom.

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has filed cases at the Special Court against 21 individuals including high officials, the contractor and the consultants on the charge of financial irregularities in the construction of the ‘faulty’ structure.

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