Sixth International Yoga Day Being Observed Today

Kathmandu, June 21 : The sixth International Yoga Day is being observed across the world. “Yoga unites, spreads brotherhood,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who played an instrumental role in popularizing yoga in the world after coming to power in 2014, said in his message today. Since 2015, International Yoga Day, is a United Nations designated day.

Theme for International Yoga Day 2020

Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family, is the focus this year as experts advised people to stay home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ahead of International Yoga Day, PM Modi and the Ministry of AAYUSH launched ‘My Life, My Yoga’ – a video blogging contest and since morning people from across the country including leaders and celebrities have been posting their yoga pictures.

Benefits yoga amid COVID-19 pandemic

Yoga, the traditional health and wellness practice of India, has been hailed by experts across the world for its benefits. Yoga experts say there are specific yoga for people to improve their respiratory system like the ‘pranayam‘ . “There are three types of COVID-19 patients, the first are those who are asymptomatic.

For such people, Neti (hatha yoga), Dhauti, Kapalbharti can be used. Some other practices like, Hastrikaprnayam, Jayapranayam, Bhramari Pranayam, and meditation help asymptomatic patients to improve their breathing capacity,” the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Yoga certification board of the Ministry of AYUSH, Dr Ishwar V Basavaraddi says, told news agency ANI, adding that it must be done under proper guidance.

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