World Giants Mt Everest and Lhotse Remain Unclimbed As Popular Climbers Withdraw

Kathmandu,Oct 10 : Nepal’s tallest mountains Everest and Lhotse will remain unscaled this autumn climbing season as a group of mountaineers have left their expedition midway citing unfriendly weather conditions.

According to Spanish ultra-runner Kilian Jornet, he left his climb to the summit of Mt. Everest midway after he reached the final point on South Col at 8,400 m. Jornet and his team members had planned to scale Mount Lhotse as well.

“All climbers today gave up their attempts to climb Mt Everest and Mt Lhotse in the autumn season,” said Iswari Paudel, Managing Director at Himalayan Guides.

According to the expedition organizers, even Polish climbers such as skiing expert Andrzej Leszek Bargiel decided to leave their climb to Mount Everest halfway this autumn season.

Kilian World Giants Mt Everest Climber

Likewise, famous American climber Garrett Madison and fellow climbers Zac Bookman and Kristin Bennett also left their climb after a serac blocked their path to the summit of Mt Everest and Mt Lhotse this season.

Out of the 10 members who took climbing permits for the autumn expedition, three climbers including Mountain Hardwear Brand President Joe Vernachio, Polish climber Rafal Maciej Fronia, UK’s Tim Emmett abandoned their attempt to scale Mt Everest.

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